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Introduction of the International Society for Energy Storage Materials (ISESM)


In light of the global challenges posed by rapid population and economic growth, energy crisis and environmental pollution have become major issues worldwide. While large-scale applications of renewable energies, such as photovoltaic and wind powder, hold promise as potential solutions, their volatility and intermittency have introduced stability and reliability risks to the power supply system. Therefore, developing efficient and safe energy storage technologies is in high demand to address the massive waste of renewable energies and peak/off-peak electricity. Energy storage materials can employ physical or chemical modifications of substances to store various forms of energy, including electric, electromagnetic, chemical, mechanical, thermal, and others. The physical and chemical properties of these materials significantly affect their energy storage functionalities, such as storage efficiency, safety, economy and stability. Therefore, developing low-cost, high-performance energy storage materials is critical to achieve efficient and safe energy storage technologies, serving as an important breakthrough in addressing energy crisis and environmental challenges. This is also of strategic significance in accelerating the realization of the "carbon neutrality" goal and ensuring the high-quality and sustainable development of new energy vehicles.

    The International Society for Energy Storage Materials (ISESM) is an independent, non-profit international academic organization that draws together eminent scientists, technologists, and entrepreneurs in the field of energy storage materials. Established in 2021 and headquartered in Hong Kong (China), ISESM was initiated by renowned scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs from China, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, South Korea, Australia, and other countries. The primary objective of ISESM is to serve as an exchange platform for global experts, scholars, and entrepreneurs in energy storage materials, carrying out international academic activities, planning and organizing international large-scale technological projects in energy storage materials, enhancing connections and collaboration in the field of energy storage materials, promoting the industrialization of new energy storage technologies, facilitating the development and growth of talents in energy storage materials. By fostering collaboration among researchers, ISESM seeks to provide major decisions, scientific demonstrations and consultations for the technological and industrial development of energy storage materials, as well as offering technical consultation and services to research institutions, energy storage material manufacturers, and application enterprises.