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The International Society for Energy Storage Materials (ISESM) is a scientific society based in China which supports scientific research in the field of Mg-based energy storage and conversions. The ISESM is Founded in 2022 at Chongqing University, Chongqing, China, and is a non-profit organization. The organization focus in all fields of Mg-based energy conversion, storage, materials as well as related fields, e.g., Mg-based hydrogen storage, Mg batteries, Mg-based thermal energy storage, thermal energy storage based on Mg carbonate/chloride phase transition, Mg-based hydrogen evolution, etc.

The ISESM is an important source of Mg related scientific information through the peer-reviewed journal of JMA, international conferences, seminars and workshops. ISESM will hold international annual meeting every year and nonscheduled small meetings in the specific fields. As a non-profit organization, the primary financial source of ISESM is the funding from Chinese government, private donations, etc. The organization also publishes textbooks, running several awards, and supports various educational and outreach activities.