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High Plasticity Magnesium Alloys

High Plasticity Magnesium Alloys focuses on the microstructure, mechanical properties and processing methods of magnesium alloy materials. The title offers theory and methods on high-plasticity magnesium alloys, including phase diagram construction, alloying and deformation. Four typical high-plasticity magnesium alloys are discussed through thermodynamic phase diagram construction and the characterization of their microstructure, mechanical properties and texture at as-cast, extruded, rolled and heat-treated states. Chapters update principle calculations for the effects of alloying elements, Mg-Gd-Zr medium strength and high-plasticity alloys, medium strength and high-plasticity Mg-Mn based alloys, medium strength and high-plasticity Mc-Sn based alloys, and Mg-Gd-Y-Zn-Mn high-strength and high-plasticity magnesium alloys.

This book presents the plasticity of magnesium alloys, and guides the design and development of new high-strength and high-plasticity magnesium alloys. It provides detailed solutions for practicing industrial engineers

Table of Contents

1 Overview
2 “Solid solution strengthening and ductilizing” theory for magnesium alloys
3 Ultrahigh plasticity Mg–Gd–Zr alloy
4 Medium-strength and high-plasticity Mg–Mn-based alloys
5 Medium-strength and high-plasticity Mg–Sn-based alloys
6 Microstructure and mechanical properties of the high-strength Mg–Gd–Y–Zn–Mn alloy

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